Q. Is IPBAI Internationally Accredited and recognized ? Answer: Yes, IPBAI is an internationally accredited and affiliated so, all the certificated awarded to students are globally accepted.

Q. Is my certificate can be verified if or whenever required ? Answer: Yes, IPBAI will be verified your issued certificates whenever is required. You just needed to parcel it to us by own cost or the printed certificates we will re-print from here and will be verified and stamped accordingly. The shipping cost will be charged.

Q. May I know the pass mark of each examination of IPBAI or other partners of it ? Answer: Yes, Pass marks is based on minimum achieve a grade of 50% or higher for IPBAI. And the other partners pass rate may vary from 50% or 60% or even 70% or higher. But don’t make a mistake because the higher the % of pass marks means the higher the value you achieved.

Q. If I lost my user ID and Password then will you re-issue my ID or PW? Answer: Yes, you can re-do it to generate your user ID and Password. But we will monitor it, if found suspicious then the account will be banned permanently. Upon your request through E-mail or telephone call then we’ll re-activate your account with us. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Q. After course registration with payment, If I fall in sick or fever etc. then shall I attend in the examination later on ? Answer: If you fall in disease then if you show us medical prescription/doctor prescription or valid evidence then we won’t charge you , you may re-do your examination without re-registration.